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Ian McCuen is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Buffalo, NY. They specialize in DIY bedroom-folk music featuring delicate and haunting arrangements, and deeply personal and emotive lyricism. McCuen's breakout project, Songs of Fleeting Permanence, spans three albums and details a period of introspection and existential contemplation across their late teens/early twenties. It involves themes of depression, anxiety, isolation, dependency, paranoia, insecurity, unrequited love, aging, and grappling with death. All three volumes were recorded in late 2016, alone in a bedroom, and using only a laptop, two microphones, and instruments lying around the house. The entire project is now available to stream worldwide.

In a sonic and lyrical departure, McCuen is set to release a new record embracing fuller arrangements and a more storyteller approach to songwriting. Combining elements of history, folklore, current events, and personal experience, Westward, to Nowhere is a concept album with a loose narrative that follows a drifter on a futile journey across the country. It deals with themes of isolation and searching for purpose against the desolate reality of American life. The new album is due out on all streaming services November 11th, 2022.

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